19 Review

The natural conclusion of the Calvinist doctrine of predestination is that God must be the author of sin. In review:

1)  The Westminster Confession of Faith plainly states that God, by His own will, binds, orders, and governs angels and man to sin.

2)  The argument of second causes is unscriptural, and therefore invalid. 2 Samuel chapters 11 and 12 reveal that the primary cause of sin is still held accountable.

3)  If God foreknows because He foreordains, then God is responsible for ordaining the fall of man into sin.

4)  According to Micah 2:1, if God created sin, then God must be a sinner.

5)  Isaiah 45:19 states that God does not possess a revealed will and a secret or permissive will.

6)  If God decreed all things in eternity past, then God decreed sin and the fall of man.

7)  Calvinist logic does not work. The Calvinist consistently arrives at conclusions that do not follow from his premises.

8)  Calvinism is a philosophy based more on the writings of man than on the Scriptural teachings of the Bible.


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